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Multiplex Setup

Setting up multiplexing

This document briefly details how user/developers can set up multiplexing

Step 1

Create a local file named ~/.ssh/config, or append to it.

In this file, you need the following block

Host archer2
   User <archer2-username>
   ControlPath ~/.ssh/controlmasters/%r@%h:%p
   ControlMaster auto
   ControlPersist 30m


The duration of ControlPersist can be modified to suit your needs. Note however that shorter durations are more secure.

Step 2

Create a directory using mkdir ~/.ssh/controlmasters

Step 3

Modify your existing machines_user.yml file such that it contains the following:

  username: <username>
  remote: archer2
  manual_ssh: true
  project: <project>
  budget: <budget>