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FabSim3 Plugins

Installing plugins

By default, FabSim3 comes with the FabDummy plugin, which is available in ~/FabSim3/plugins.

Other plugins can be installed in FabSim3, and are listed in fabsim/deploy/plugins.yml file.

  • To install a specific plugin, simply type:

    fabsim localhost install_plugin:<plug_name>

  • To install plugin from a specific github branch, you can use branch keyword

    fabsim localhost install_plugin:<plug_name>,branch=<branch_name>

List of available FabSim3 plugins


FabChemShell is a ChemShell plugin for FabSim3.

  • FabChemShell github repository :
  • FabChemShell documentation :


FabCovid19 is a FabSim3 plugin for Flu And Coronavirus Simulator (FACS).

  • FabCovid19 github repository :
  • FabCovid19 documentation :


FabCovidsim is a FabSim3/EasyVVUQ plugin for COVID-19 CovidSim microsimulation model developed Imperial College, London.

  • FabCovidsim github repository :
  • FabCovidsim documentation :


FabDummy is a dummy example plugin for FabSim3. It is meant to showcase a minimal implementation for a FabSim3 plugin.

  • FabDummy github repository :
  • FabDummy documentation :


FabDynamics is a plugin for Dynamics which is used for analysis of ODE systems.

  • FabDynamics github repository :
  • FabDynamics documentation :


FabFlee is a plugin for automated Flee agent-based simulations. It provides an environment to construct, modify and execute simulations as a single run or ensemble runs. FabFlee aims to predict the distribution of incoming refugees across destination camps under a range of different policy situations.

  • FabFlee github repository :
  • FabFlee documentation :


FabMD is a FabSim3 plugin for automated LAMMPS-based simulations.

This plugin provides functionality to extend FabSim3's workflow and remote submission capabilities to LAMMPS specific tasks.

  • FabMD github repository :
  • FabMD documentation :


FabMUSCLE is a preliminary launcher for the MUSCLE3 toolkit. It serves to automatically set up MUSCLE3 simulations, launch the manager and its submodels, and keep all the associated data organized.

  • FabMUSCLE github repository :
  • FabMUSCLE documentation :


FabParticleDA is a FabSim3 plugin for ParticleDA.jl).

  • FabParticleDA github repository :
  • FabParticleDA documentation :


FabSMD is a Steered Molecular Dynamics (SMD) plugin for FabSim3.

  • FabSMD github repository :
  • FabSMD documentation :


FabUQCampaign is a FabSim3 plugin for a climate modelling. It used to run an ensemble of EasyVVUQ samples on HPC resources.

  • FabUQCampaign github repository :
  • FabUQCampaign documentation :
    • FabUQCampaign 2D ocean model documentation :


FabNESO is a FabSim3 plugin for Neptune Exploratory SOftware (NESO). It can be used to run both single instances and ensemble runs of NESO simulations.

  • FabNESO github repository :
  • FabNESO documentation :